Let's Go Get Small sammen med Henrik Windstedt

Let’s Go Get Small skubber til grænserne for, hvad der er muligt på ski i de fjerneste egne af den canadiske ødemark. Peak Performance har et væld af professionelle atleter i deres fold, som resulterer i mange spændende projekter. Freeskier Dave Treadway har brudt rammerne for, hvad der er muligt på ski og skabt skifilmen ‘Let’s Go Get Small’, der vender opfattelsen af freeskiing på hovedet!



Medvirkende er freeskier Dave Treadway sammen med svenske Henrik Windstedt, hvor de sammen udforsker den vilde canadiske natur på snescootere og ski. Deres mission er at udforske – at se, hvad der er på den anden side af en afsidesliggende bjergtoppe, og se hvor langt, de kan presse egne evner på ski. I ‘Let’s go get small’ udforskes de områder af den canadiske natur, som aldrig før har været udforsket på ski – Dave og Henrik bevæger sig derud, hvor man føler sig rigtigt lille omgivet af intet andet end den vilde natur.


When did you hear about this project?
Me and Dave started taking about it in the beginning of 2013. For Dave it’s been a dream for several years and he had already done a lot of research.

Did you have any concerns before leaving for the wilderness?
Safety always comes first hand for me and I am always very careful and go through all the risks when I’m about to ski in a new area so yes. This was an expedition with a lot of risk taking and while out here I asked myself several times –should I continue or quit and just head back.

What was your thought during your long hike?
While out there I was so focused that it was hard to feel or think anything at all. It’s of course a great feeling after a good ride but you really need to concentrate full time in these terrains.

Were you afraid at any time?
Yes, worst was when we reached the summit of Mount Monmouth and the only thing that held me to the mountain was this small rope. There was hardly no room to stand, just ice, a tiny bit of snow and about 450 meters down…

What do you feel when you charging a big line?
It’s always a great feeling after a good ride but in these terrain you really need to concentrate so you hold it back a bit. Ride a bit more safe.

Powder in Japan or Big Mountain in AK/BC?
I must say BC because of the huge terrain there.

And for the Danish ladies: Are you free on the market?

No,  I’ve had the same partner for 9 years.


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